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Bearpaw offers quality professional services, sales, and advice to the upper North Mississippi, U.S. region
and has been doing so since 1998. We are a small firm, yet are dedicated to provide
the most reliable and professional help in the area.

We can provide help on:

  • Connection to the Internet or to other units in your organization.
  • Complete horizontal wiring of your organization.
  • Sever installation and programming, as well as complete setup of your system.
  • Installation and programming for routers, firewalls, and similar appliances for your organization.
  • Server installation, programming, and integration with your pre-existing equipment or installing a fresh solution.
  • Installation of all needed peripherals such as printers, faxes, projectors, etc.
  • Installation of security devices such as readers, cameras, monitors, etc.
  • Instructional classes are available upon request. (i.e. teaching)
  • All these offerings are available for our residential/comsumer customers as well!
  • Services can be provided outside our typical range of coverage. Please contact us for terms and conditions.


We are currently under renovation. Thanks for your patience.


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